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How long can patch nails last

How to paste a nail art without bubblesIf you are a rookie, it is not always easy to make nail art yourself, especially for patch nail art. You can have bubbles if you stick it wrong, so you have to start over. So how does patch manicure stick without bubbles?1. First trim the nails with nail inlays, then gently remove the top layer of nails with a···

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The bonus period for nail art has passed? Product innovation can survive!

In recent years, with the steady increase in the per capita income of residents, expenditures related to personal development and living enjoyment have grown rapidly, which has brought new opportunities to the nail industry.So, what is the current status of the nail industry? What about the size of the industry? What are the future trends?At presen···

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Booked so many good-looking clothes, but also a good-looking manicure!

How can it be possible to lose nail art in your life? The weather is getting colder and colder. Recently, the hot little leopard pattern, and the retro art class represent Polka Dot ~ Flower. It looks so white. It feels very suitable for autumn and winter colors, isn't it pretty? Impacting the popular frosted nails is also beautiful.

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